Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Best Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to listen to often extremely interesting content... for free!

If you have an itunes account there is an entire section for podcasts, which will then update automatically when you've subscribed to one.

At the moment I'm addicted to the radio show 'This American Life' - which I believe is the most downloaded podcast in the USA. A cross between journalistic features and autobiography, each show selects a title theme and then tells true-life stories from people who have had fascinating experiences.

Being a wildlife geek I also listen to Radio 4's 'The Best of Natural History', and a gorgeously home-made 'Zoologica' podcast, featuring a guy from the States talking about a different species each week.

Podcasts are great for people with an interest in literature too, with 'The New Yorker' podcast offering contemporary authors reading classic stories previously published in the New Yorker. 'The Moth' is also a brilliant podcast featuring live story telling where participants aren't allowed any notes, giving the events the feel of a stand-up comedy night or poetry reading.

Do you have a never-miss podcast? Please share your recommendations with us.

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