Monday, 22 March 2010

How to... get on TV for free

Fancy a free night out, and getting your mug on the telly? Why not join the audience for your favourite show?

Visit for FREE tickets to get behind the scenes of shows like Britain's got Talent, QI, X-Factor, Over the Rainbow or Big Brother. (Although why anyone would want to be involved in Big Brother in any capacity is beyond me) These tickets are available to anyone, but sometimes there are age restrictions.

Even better than being in the audience, is getting paid for your time by being an extra.

There are numerous websites advertising for extras on soaps or dramas. The site Universal Extras has pages for students ( and non-students ( and features some intriguing casting auditions. My particular favourite being, "We are looking for men of all ages with big beards. The bigger the better- for a feature film with Uma Thurman"

We'd love to hear from anyone who has been an extra or audience member for a show - tell us how it went on our message boards. Also let us know of any reliable websites for finding extras work.

Shoestring x


  1. I was an extra whilst living in Japan for a film called Baruto no Gakuen based on a true story about a group of German prisoners of war held in Japan in the 1st world war. Most foreign men in the region were enlisted to play them in the film.
    I've just been in the audience for the new series of Mitchell and Webb which was a quality night's entertainment for nothing.

  2. That sounds like fun - where abouts in Mitchell and Webb filmed? And which website did you find tickets on?