Monday, 22 March 2010

Shoestring online magazine - the beginning

Welcome to the first page of Shoestring - a magazine blog with a simple ethos:

Do what you love...for less.

We are all about sharing ideas that cost little (or even better- nothing) to make your life that bit more enjoyable.

So in future you can expect articles on a wide range of activities - crafts, cheap days out, freecycling, cheap ways to travel, growing your own vegetables, volunteering, clothes swapping, guerrilla gardening, recipes and heaps of ways to save money without massively changing your lifestyle.

We are very keen to hear from you, so make sure you use our message boards to share your own tips and secrets.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Love Shoestring


  1. Hey Lizzy, how lovely to be the first at something and having lived on a shoestring for ever it seems I'm sure I'll have some useful input for you. xxx

  2. Hey thanks! You have officially jumped on the bandwagon! xx

  3. Want to enhance your skills or employability and help someone while you do it – all at no cost to yourself? What about volunteering? Whatever your interest there's probably an organisation looking for volunteers. I'm a volunteer at my local Crown Court Witness Service and (in addition to the satisfaction it gives me), I've been sent on various courses, and I get to hear of employment vacancies in the organisation I'd otherwise be unlikely to see. Volunteering can also increase your social network, in itself a way of enhancing your chances of finding employment. And in the meantime you get the feel good factor - all for free