Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Best sites for...handmade crafts and accessories

I will keep updating this page - so keep your suggestions coming...

But for starters, try for a bit of everything - crafts, homeware, jewellery. I particularly love their selection of gloves and feathered hair decorations

For a vintage-style jewellery fix visit for lust-worthy objects like this peacock ring which I am more than a little in love with.

For hand-made posters try Roll and Tumble Press, who stock the most gorgeous and kitsch prints. These are available at and in fact the entire poppytalk website is pretty damn brilliant.

Another beautiful site for hand-made jewellery is the Sugar Mouse Shop
I can't stop thinking about this beluga whale necklace.....


  1. plug: my adorable friend faridah's jewellery website - she makes it all herself, and she has great sales, and everything comes adorably packaged. xx